Habtoor Polo Takes Home the Polo Masters Cup 2020 Title


The Dubai Polo Gold Cup organization declared a new champion for the Polo Masters Cup in 2020 - Habtoor Polo team - lead by its Patron, Mohammed Al Habtoor. 

The guests of Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club witnessed another thrilling end to the second tournament of the Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series. Hesketh Polo faced Mahra Polo team at the Subsidiary Final with an opening goal from Tuki Guinazu. By halftime, Hesketh Polo had the lead with a one-goal advantage. The third chukker had seen Kim Roche take the lead further with a neck shot and soon followed by a goal from Manuel Plaza. The penalty shots from Tuki and Khalaf Al Habtoor during the last two chukkers were not enough to recover their lead and Hesketh Polo won the Subsidiary Match at 6 goals to 4.

Match Progression: Hesketh Polo vs. Mahra Polo

1 - 1 | 3 - 2 | 5 - 3 | 6 – 4  

Top scorers of the match: Manuel Plaza and Tuki Guinazu, 3 goals each


The fight for the second trophy of the Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series was between Habtoor Polo and Green Gates Polo team. The game started slow, and the first chukker ended with one goal in favour of Habtoor Polo. Green Gates had the lead by the end of the second with four goals from Pelayo Berazadi, and the team kept the lead through to the end of the third chukker. The final chukker had seen both teams battle it out for the win as the score was tied by mid chukker with a goal from Felix Esain for Habtoor Polo. Pelayo regained the lead with a penalty shot only to be matched by JJ Diaz Alberdi that resulted in a fifth chukker. The golden goal was scored by Justo Cuitino and Habtoor Polo celebrated a great win with 8 goals against 7.


Match Progression: Habtoor Polo vs. Green Gates Polo 

1 - 0| 2 - 4 | 4 - 6 | 7 - 7 | 8 – 7

Top scorer of the match: Pelayo Berazadi, 7 goals, Green Gates Polo


Christopher Rajamani, Deputy Manager of Al Hoty Stanger Laboratories, awarded the teams of the day. Felix Esain is the Most Valuable Player and Dorothea, ridden by Mohammed Al Habtoor, is the Best Playing Pony of the game.

The Polo Masters Cup 2020 is sponsored by:

Arabian Electricians, a company that delivers engineering projects ranging from 33KV / 11KV substation, high rise towers, housing compounds, hospital, military facilities, industrials factories, official places, embassies, airports projects, telecommunication and many others.

Al Hoty Stanger Laboratories, a company that deals with activities that include wide range of construction materials testing, chemical analysis and microbiological examination of water, food and food products, environmental monitoring, metallurgical testing, non-destructive testing and calibration services.

About the Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series


Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series was founded in 2009 by Mohammed Al Habtoor, patron of the Habtoor Polo team. Growing rapidly every year, the Gold Cup (Dubai Open) was recognised by the World Polo Tour (WPT); in January 2014, the WPT committee credited the Gold Cup tournament as the highest competition in terms of points within the WPT Challenge Cup category, elevating it to 50 points for the winner. 2015 marked the first time ever that the WPT upgraded the Gold Cup Tournament from ‘Challenge Cup’ to the highly coveted ‘WPT Cup’, resulting in winners receiving 60 points. In 2017, the tournament was moved up to WPT Championship Cup – the highest competition point-wise, awarding its winners with 125 points. The Silver Cup is ranked under the WPT Cup category, with 50 points for winners and the Dubai Challenge Cup falls under the WPT Challenge Cup Category, awarding its winners with 20 points. Dubai Gold Cup Series is proud to be the only tournament series with this exclusive accreditation in the GCC and MENA Region, ranking it among the best polo tournaments worldwide.


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