Dr. A - Hesketh Polo Team Wins the AHPRC League in March 2020


The AHPRC League this March had seen five participating teams compete on the grounds of Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club: Anningsley Park Farm, Dr. A-Hesketh Polo, Mahra Polo, Sarissa Polo, and UAE Polo teams.


Match results:




Final Score

09 March 2020

Sarissa Polo vs. Dr. A – Hesketh Polo

9.5 – 7

UAE Polo vs. Mahra Polo

7 – 4.5

11 March 2020

Dr. A – Hesketh Polo vs. Anningsley Park Polo

5 – 4

12 March 2020

UAE Polo vs. Sarissa Polo

9 – 9.5

Anningsley Park Polo vs. Mahra Polo

5 – 4



On the last day of the league, Anningsley Polo met Mahra Polo at the Subsidiary Final and it was a close fight until the third chukker. Mahra delivered consecutive goals at the final chukker that lead to their victory ending the game at 6 goals to 3.


The final match between Dr. A -  Hesketh and Sarissa Polo teams started with a goal from Dr. Al Abbar himself. Sarissa had the lead from the second chukker with its half goal advantage. Hesketh grabbed the lead past half-time and held on to it until the end, closing the game with 7 goals against 5.


The Most Valuable Player award was given to Kim Roche from Dr. A - Hesketh Polo team.


The AHPRC League in March is sponsored by Hand Made Tailoring & Textiles Trading LLC.



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