Bin Drai Polo Undefeated at the AHPRC League 2021



Bin Drai Polo team proved dominance at the AHPRC League in November 2021.


The week-long tournament had seen five teams compete on the grounds of Al Habtoor Polo Club:

15th November

Dubai Wolves vs. Hesketh: 5 - 4

Bin Drai vs. Ankora: 7 - 3


16th November

Dubai Wolves vs. Mahra Polo: 8 - 7


17th November

Bin Drai vs. Hesketh: 6 - 1

Ankora vs. Mahra: 6 - 1


The conclusion of the tournament featured round-robin games at the Subsidiary Final. Tariq Al Habtoor opened the first match with a goal for Mahra Polo but, Ignacio Garros reciprocated this with consecutive goals and took the lead for Ankora Polo by the end of the first chukker. The team carried the 1 goal lead through to the end of the second, taking their first win at 4 goals to 3.


Ankora Polo faced Hesketh Polo team at the second match and, the teams were in a tie by the end of the first chukker. An exchange of goals from both teams occurred during the second chukker and teams were relentless and kept the game tied at 3 goals. Even with the 30-second extension, the game still ended with 3 goals for each team.


Tomas Palacios Bacque scored the first goal through an assist from Lauren Dickson from Hesketh Polo team during the last match. Guillermo Li put Mahra Polo in the game with a goal that was matched by Tomy Iriarte moving the lead back to Hesketh. Iriarte's penalty shot during the second chukker sealed the win for the team at 3 goals to 1.
The final was a match between Bin Drai Polo and Dubai Wolves. The heated game had seen Cristobal Sanchez Duggan score the first goal for the Bin Drai team. Dubai Wolves attempted to chalk one up on the board but, the opponent's defense proved strong until the penultimate chukker. The Bin Drai team showed dominance throughout the game with Mohammed Bin Drai extending the lead with another goal in the final chukker. The gap in scores was enough to secure the win for Bin Drai at 4.5 goals to 1.
Philippe D'Amat, General Manager of Al Habtoor Polo Resort hotel was awarded the teams of the day. Rashid Bin Drai was the Most Valuable Player and Pimienta, ridden by Habtoor Al Habtoor as the Best Playing Pony.


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