Habtoor Polo Undefeated at the AHPRC League in March 2022



The AHPRC League, a week-long tournament in March 2022, featured a match between Hesketh Polo and Noon-Sarissa Polo at the subsidiary final and Habtoor Polo against El Basha Polo at the final.
Qualification match results
29th March:
El Basha Polo vs. Hesketh Polo: 6 - 5
Habtoor Polo vs. Noon-Sarissa Polo: 3 - 1.5
31st March:
El Basha Polo vs. Noon-Sarissa Polo: 7 - 1.5 
Habtoor Polo vs. Hesketh Polo: 6 - 5
The subsidiary final of the league had seen Hesketh Polo take control of the game from the first chukker and worked their way to a 3.5-goal advantage by the end of the third. Noon-Sarissa Polo delivered goals during the final chukker and was half-goal shy of snatching the win. But the Hesketh team kept its advantage and closed the game at 6 goals to 5.5.
The patron of the Habtoor Polo team - Mohammed Al Habtoor - opened the final match of the day and placed the lead on its side until halftime. Justo Cuitinho scored El Basha Polo's first goal during the penultimate chukker, but a penalty shot from Mohammed kept the 2-goal of Habtoor Polo. In spite of the additional goal from Justo in the final chukker, Habtoor Polo remained victorious and ended the tournament at 3 goals to 2.
Osama Esmat, Front Office Director of Al Habtoor Polo Resort, awarded the teams with Lauren Dickson as the Most Valuable Player of the day and Fortuna, a chestnut mare owned by Hani Jabshe was the Best Playing Pony.
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