Habtoor Polo Beats the Competition at the Sir Winston Churchill Cup 2022



The tournament concluded with a smashing win for the Habtoor Polo at 8 goals to 4 against the Bin Drai Polo.

Four teams competed at 8-10 goal handicap tournament on the grounds of Al Habtoor Polo Club. 

Match Results



10 December 2022
Bin Drai Polo vs. El Basha Polo: 9 - 8






16 December 2022
Habtoor Polo vs. Hesketh - Mahra Polo: 8 - 4.5




15 December 2022
Habtoor Polo vs. El Basha Polo: 9 - 4
Bin Drai Polo vs. Hesketh - Mahra Polo: 8 - 3.5

The Subsidiary final saw El Basha Polo dominate the first chukker with back to back goals from Juanji Diaz-Alberdi. The team kept its momentum and carved a 5.5 goal lead by halftime. The last two chukkers had Hesketh-Mahra deliver goals but werent enough to steal the lead, and El Basha closed the game at 8 goals to 3.5.

The tournament's final match was between Habtoor Polo and Bin Drai Polo teams. Esteban Panelo took early lead for Bin Drai Polo but Segundo Amadori matched his goals and ended the first chukker tied at 2 goals. The next chukker had Bin Drai Polo taking control only for Amadori to level the game again by halftime. An exciting penultimate chukker ensued as Habtoor Polo inched away from its oppponent with consecutive goals from Sheikha Alia Al Maktoum and Amadori. A couple of missed goals from the Bin Drai Polo team and the additional goals scored by the relentless players of Habtoor Polo ended the match at 8 goals to 4 in favor of Habtoor Polo.

Jochen Knecht, CEO of IFZA awarded the teams of the day with Segundo Amadori as the Most Valuable Player and Acuña as the Best Playing Pony. The afternoon's best dressed gentleman - the "Man of the Hour" - was given gifts worth AED 4,000.

The Sir Winston Churchill Cup 2022 was sponsored by Shazé, a brand that turns those moments into extraordinary experiences. They have been dedicated to mastering the art of hosting for many years and are passionate about sharing that art with you through the objects they desire, the content, and the community they create.

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