El Basha Dominates Patrons Cup 2023



11 November: The Patrons Cup 2023 has commenced with a round-robin club chukker involving the White, Red, and Blue Teams, consisting of players hailing from various teams, including Habtoor Polo, Al Faisal Polo, AM Polo, Hesketh Polo, and Dubai Wolves.


Tomas Iriarte of El Basha opened the exhibition match of the day, scoring the first goal in the initial chukker for his team. The first chukker concluded without Al Faisal-PBS securing a goal. Al Faisal-PBS eventually scored their first goal with an intense strike delivered by Petra Spanko. The teams maintained a score of 1-1 until the third chukker. As the two teams battled on the field until the fourth chukker, El Basha solidified their lead by scoring three goals before the buzzer, while Al Faisal did not manage to add a goal to their score. Ultimately, El Basha clinched the trophy as the winner of the Patrons Cup 2023.
Match Progression:
0 – 1 | 1 – 1 | 1 – 1 | 1 - 3


Lukas Tremmel, General Manager of the Al Habtoor Polo Resort presented awards to the teams. Hani Jabsheh of El Basha was recognized as the Most Valuable Player. Additionally, during the halftime break, guests could win AED 6,000 in gift items by finding the scattered gold coin in the field. Winners were awarded vouchers from La Perle, as well as services from Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Al Habtoor Polo Club.

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