We offer a wide variety of livery services, with facilities designed for the comfort and safety of your horses, ensuring your journey with us is a pleasurable one.
Livery Service Monthly Fees :(Horses) Monthly Fees :(Ponies) Other
Full Livery - No. of horses/ponies 1-5 AED 3,675 AED 3,465   -  
Full Livery - No. of horses/ponies 6+ AED 3,360 AED 3,150   -  
Half Livery - stable + shaving + feed + hay (Own groom) – No. of horses/ponies 1-5 AED 3,255 AED 3,045   -  
Half Livery - No. of horses/ponies 6+ AED 2,940 AED 2,730   -  
Stable Only (5-20 horses)   -     -   AED 2,520 (monthly)
Stable Only (21+ horses)   -     -   AED 2,100 (monthly)
Stable Only (Full Barn 52 horses)   -     -   AED 1,785 (monthly)
Grooms Accommodation   -     -   AED 1,050 PP(shared)  
AED 1,575 PP(single)
Grooms Meals   -     -   AED 1,050 pp
Worming   -     -   AED 105




Livery Service Fee  
Groom holding for Vet/Farrier AED 55 (Outside grooms working hours)
Grooms Lunging AED 55 (15 mins)   -  
Grooms attending shows AED 80 – Half day,
AED 150 – Full day
Lesson Ground fee AED 160 per shift (This applies to any trainer not employed by the club)
Schooling / Riding AED 105 (This applies to any trainer not employed by the club)
AHPRC Clippers AED 210   -  
Client Clippers AED 160   -  
* Please contact us for packages available for own feed and shavings
* All prices are inclusive of VAT
*** The trainer must be approved by the club, once approved this must be booked in at the reception before the lesson. We aim to keep a fun and friendly atmosphere so having clear rules for all to follow will help make it easier for us all to work together

Arena Rules

  • Riding school lessons will always get priority over the smaller enclosed arenas
  • Any Livery/trainer/lessees using poles jumps MUST put them back as they find them to keep the arena useable for everybody
  • The enclosed arena will have skips and buckets so any one having lesson please clear up your droppings
  • Please keep your horse in controlled speeds and be aware not to upset other arena users
  • Please keep the arena Gates closed while any riding is in progress.
  • No smoking inside arena, stables or around paddocks
  • All riders MUST wear a hat at all time when mounted
  • All riders must wear correct riding attire and correct foot wear

Polo Track

  • Polo track around is open for all liveries and riding school riders to use giving way to Polo
  • Grass Pitch is NOT allowed to be ridden on by any riding school horse or livery
  • Hacking route is set out on the map provided
  • Please ensure you follow road safety when going to the polo fields
  • Please only canter around the outside of the polo fields
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